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Mini DisplayPort Cable Mini DisplayPort Male - DVI-I 24+5-Pin Female 0.20 m White

Connect a PC or notebook to an LCD or LED screen with a DVI input.

Sync and Charge Cable Apple Dock 30-pin - USB-A Male 2.00 m White

Charge and synchronise an iPhone, iPod or iPad with a computer.

Sync and Charge Cable Samsung 30-Pin Male - USB-A Male 1.00 m Black

Charge and synchronise a Samsung Tab with a computer.

Mixed Personal Media Kit HDMI White

Complete Connect & Clean starter kit with high-quality accessories to maximise your Personal Media experience. Connect your personal media device to a HDTV, with a High Speed HDMI with Ethernet cable and a Mini DisplayPort – HDMI adapter Keep your equipment in top condition. Simply remove dust, lint, grease and smudges with the LCD cleaning kit.

High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet HDMI Connector - HDMI mini Male 2.00 m White

Connect media players or tablets to video devices with an HDMI input.

Sync and Charge Cable Apple Lightning - USB-A Male 1.00 m White

Sync and charge your iPhone, iPod or iPad with your computer.