Peripheral Adapters, Couplers & Splitters

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Computer Adapter Kit USB Grey

USB A-B cable, USB B-Mini 5-pin adapter, USB B-Mini B 8-pin adapter, USB B-Mitsumi 4-pin adapter, USB B-Hirose 4-pin adapter.

Computer Adapter Kit USB Grey

USB A female - B male adapter, USB A coupler.

FireWire® Connection Kit 2.0 m

FireWire 6pin-6pin cable, 2 x FireWire 6pin-4pin adapter, FireWire 6pin-9pin adapter.

Serial Adapter

Connects serial device to computer.

FireWire 400 Adapter FireWire 4-Pin Male - FireWire 6-Pin Female Grey

Connects a camcorder or other FireWire device to computer.