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LCD Screen Cleaning Kit20 ml

Complete set comprising pump spray applicator and anti-static cleaning pad in one plastic case for removing dust and smudges from your LCD screen.

Notebook Cleaning Kit60 ml

Compact travel bag with pump spray applicator, anti-static brush and microfiber cloth for cleaning your notebook computer and peripherals.

Portable Device Cleaner8 ml

Pen-size cleaner with intergrated anti-static brush for cleaning a wide range of portable devices.

CD Lens Cleaner

Voice guided two brush cleaning system to ensure first-class sound and error-free CD performance.

Mini DVD Lens Cleaner

Voice-guided mini DVD lens cleaner for optimizing recording and playback quality of movies.

CD/DVD Disc Cleaner20 ml

Complete CD/DVD cleaning kit that removes impurities from the CD/DVD surface.

Scratch Repair Kit12 ml

Complete CD/DVD/Blu-ray scratch repair and cleaning pack for eliminating scratches and removing impurities.

Mixed Video Kit HDMI Black

Complete Connect & Clean starter kit with high-quality accessories to maximise your LCD TV experience. Connect a DVD player or other equipment to an HDTV with a High Speed HDMI with Ethernet cable. Keep your equipment in top condition. Simply remove dust, lint, grease and smudges with the LCD cleaning kit.