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Mixed Video Kit HDMI Black

Complete Connect & Clean starter kit with high-quality accessories to maximise your LCD TV experience. Connect a DVD player or other equipment to an HDTV with a High Speed HDMI with Ethernet cable. Keep your equipment in top condition. Simply remove dust, lint, grease and smudges with the LCD cleaning kit.

TV and Smart Media Screen Cleaner Kit 100 ml

Pump spray applicator and microfiber cloth to easily remove dust, lint, oil and smudges from TV screen and monitor.

Mini DVD Lens Cleaner

Voice-guided mini DVD lens cleaner for optimizing recording and playback quality of movies.

LCD Screen Cleaning Kit20 ml

Complete set comprising pump spray applicator and anti-static cleaning pad in one plastic case for removing dust and smudges from your LCD screen.

CD/DVD Disc Cleaner20 ml

Complete CD/DVD cleaning kit that removes impurities from the CD/DVD surface.

Notebook Cleaning Kit60 ml

Compact travel bag with pump spray applicator, anti-static brush and microfiber cloth for cleaning your notebook computer and peripherals.

Portable Device Cleaner8 ml

Pen-size cleaner with intergrated anti-static brush for cleaning a wide range of portable devices.

CD Lens Cleaner

Voice guided two brush cleaning system to ensure first-class sound and error-free CD performance.